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We are in business to save the earth and conserve the future.

Our Vission

Establish a sense of community to build a better natural & collaborative environment through the mode of camping, experiential learning, leisure activities, & active participation through practicing sustainable, zero-waste living.

Doomsday is on the verge.

Nothing new a statement is it? Well, Wrong question.

The question is WHAT we can do about it?

“furut” incepted from this “WHAT” when Amrita, Anindya, Arijit, Sourav & Surajit was camping in a sanctuary in Sikkim & witnesses how we the human beings misbehaving & exploiting our environment.

As the name suggests, our venture acts as an amazing escape gateway to relax your soul from the cacophony of daily life, and at the same time helps you face the environmental issues by following our motto “Explore, Experience, Express”. While you explore nature, experience sustainable and zero waste living, grab the power to express through the experimental learning, you become an active member in helping the mother earth smile again.

We five are not enough to make a big change in human behavior towards nature. But we five can surely make a strong hand to push back the doomsday by agreeing to change the problems into solutions that we all know of but are too reluctant about. Doomsday is on the verge, only if we stay all the same.

Let’s dream of the change for our own future, for our following generations, for our beautiful planet. The change will definitely happen.


our BELIEVE become our ACTION

Living with NATURE

We think that every resolution to our problem lies in the enormity of nature. By giving time with it, we can meet our actual desire, we can feel our soul.


We think that our extravagant attitude giving us a harmful result in our daily life. All we need is just a gradual change in our behavior, which can help us as well as our upcoming generation to move to a better future.

ZERO WASTE lifestyle

We think that by adopting a Zero Waste lifestyle we can make our world better. A step to change our behavior, a step to change our future. Yes it’s challenging, but not impossible.


We think that our life is full of experiences. From the ancient time when we had learned how to make fire till today, we upgrade ourselves step by step. But because of the technical up gradation in the whole world, we are forgetting our basic learning day by day. This is the time to recollect those learning and apply into our life before we forget everything.